Town Dramatically Lowers Impact Fee

Posted: May 5 2017

In an effort to demonstrate a renewed commitment to fostering a pro-business climate in the Town, Town Council unanimously decided, at its February 2017 regular meeting, to cut the Building Fund portion of the building permit rate by over 80%—from around $2,600 to just $500 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU). In practical terms, this means a roughly 25% decrease in the total building-permit-related impact fee paid by commercial and residential developers—a cost avoidance of perhaps $25,000 or more for, as an example, the typical anchor store investor.

The new rate will remain in place indefinitely. The rate took effect on March 1, 2017.

"Millsboro's population is already on track to double in less than 10 years, and the stock market and US economy in general have seen significant improvement over the past few months," said Sheldon P. Hudson, Millsboro town manager. "The Town Council took this bold step in order to ensure that Millsboro is in the best-possible position to take advantage of the growth that is taking place both nationally and locally. Council believes that even more high-quality employers and jobs—as well as restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and other establishments—will come to the Town in the near future as a result."

To learn more, click here to view a News Journal article.

For additional information, please contact Millsboro Town Hall at or 302-934-8171.


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