Millsboro Town Center

Town Center is located at 322 Wilson Highway

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Millsboro town taxes are billed annually July 1 and are due September 30. Water and sewer is billed quarterly based on meter reading.

Town Council
The Town Council is made up of seven council persons, each elected for a three year term. There are three districts within the Town limits with two council persons from each district and one at large. Town elections are the second Saturday in June at 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Reorganization of officers is the first Monday in July at which time the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee appointments are made. Your elected officials are:
  • Mayor - John Thoroughgood
  • Vice Mayor - Michelle Truitt
  • Secretary - James Kells
  • Treasurer - Bradley Cordrey
  • Council persons
  • Larry Gum
  • Tim Hodges
  • Ron O’Neal
Board of Adjustments
The Board of Adjustments consists of three members and is separate from the town council. Applications for special exceptions, interpretations, and variances may be made by any property owner, tenant, government officials, department, board of bureau. Such applications shall be made to the Board of Adjustments in accordance with the rules adopted by the Board.
The administration and enforcement of the Town's Zoning and Building Code is under the direction of the Building Official. New construction, renovations, fencing and some types of maintenance generally require both a Sussex County and Millsboro building permit. The Town of Millsboro maintains an active program of inspecting, code enforcement, planning and zoning.
Police Department
The Police Department is located at 107 Main Street and provides 24 hour service with a police chief, nine full-time officers and an office clerk. The mission of the Millsboro Police Department is to improve the quality of life throughout the Town of Millsboro by striving to provide a secure community environment through the delivery of police services in an efficient manner. To accomplish this mission, there must be a joint effort of cooperation and understanding between the police and residents of the Town of Millsboro.