Parks & Recreation

Boat ramps and slips plus Little League and Millsboro Pond

The water at the end of Morris Street. There are two boat ramps and twenty-four boat slips available for the public. The slips are rented out annually and there is a waiting list for the spaces when they become available. There is a playground area for the younger children to play, barbecue grills, park benches and a pavilion with picnic tables for everyone to enjoy.

The Kiwanis Club donated some of the plantings in the park and help keep it an attractive place to visit. Cupola Park is sometimes the last place a newcomer finds, but is soon impressed as it becomes one of their favorites.

There is also W.B. Atkins Memorial Park which is the home of the Millsboro Little League. There are five fields for softball and baseball from younger tee ball players to the big league teams. The Millsboro Little League volunteers its time and uses its money to help the park to continue to be one of the best in the area. There are now approximately forty-four teams with close to six hundred ball players. All that adds up to an enormous amount of volunteer hours with coaches, umpires, ground crews and the list goes on. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, you name it and they are all there working, and cheering for their favorite team. There have been both tears and laughter come from those fields, but for sure, we have all seen a lot of youth grow up and carry away memories of their time spend playing ball in Millsboro.

If fishing is one of your favorite past times then there is always the Millsboro Pond and Ingram Pond. There is a boat ramp on Route 30 for Millsboro Pond which allows small boats with no larger than five horse power motors along with the boat ramp at Ingrams pond to accommodate the fisherman.