Town Council

Council 2024
The Millsboro Town Council is composed of seven members, each of whose term is for a period of three years, commencing at the annual meeting of the Town Council following the election and continuing until their successor is duly elected and qualified.
Six members of the Town Council are nominated and elected from one of the three districts in which they reside, and one member is nominated and elected from the Town at large. One of the members of the Town Council is elected President of the Town Council and upon their election has the title of Mayor of the Town of Millsboro for a term of one year. (per Section 4 of the Town Charter)
(Methods for making nomination for Town Council can be located in Section 7 of the Town Charter)
Mayor- Jim Kells kells
Vice Mayor- John Thoroughgood John Thoroughgood
President Pro Tem- Ron O'Neal Ron ONeal
Treasurer- Robert Bryan Bob Bryan
Secretary- Kimberley Kaan Kimberley Kaan
Councilman- Matthew Davis Matthew Davis
Councilman- Marty Presley Marty