Comprehensive Development Plan

At least every 5 years a municipality shall review its adopted comprehensive development plan to determine if its provisions are still relevant given changing conditions in the municipality or in the surrounding areas. The adopted comprehensive plan shall be revised, updated, and amended as necessary, and readopted at least every 10 years; provided, however the municipality may request an extension of such date by forwarding an official request to the Cabinet Committee at least 90 days prior to the file deadline. The basis for the request shall be clearly indicated. (Del. Code Title 22. Chapter 7. Section 702 (e))

The Town of Millsboro Comprehensive Development Plan was last adopted in March 2021. The 5 year review shall take place no later than March 2026, and readopted no later than March 2031.

Click the following link to view a full copy of the Town of Millsboro- March 2021- Comprehensive Development Plan