Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment shall consist of not less than three nor more than five members whose selection, and qualifications shall be as indicated in the Code of the Town of Millsboro, Chapter 210-57. All appointments shall be for a period of three years. The Board of Adjustment shall select a Chairman from its membership, shall appoint a Secretary and shall prescribe rules for the conduct of its affairs.  For the conduct of any hearing, a quorum shall be established, and an affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the Board of Adjustment present, shall be required to overrule any decision, ruling or determination of any official charged with enforcement of this chapter, or to approve any special exception or variance. All meetings of the Board of Adjustment shall be open to the public.

Heinz Akers June 2027 
Darwin Hall May 2027 
Gary Moyle May 2027 
Gary Mack July 2026 
Laurie Walsh June 2027 

Board of Adjustment Rules (revised 10/2023)

Application for appeal or variance to the Board of Adjustment